Boulay Farm & Market’s Country Crafts: A Celebration of Maine’s Artisan Spirit

Discover the Charm of Maine Artistry with

Our Collection of Handcrafted Goods & Heirlooms

At Boulay Farm & Market, we are more than just a country market; we are a vibrant showcase of Maine’s rich artistic heritage. With a deep respect for local craftsmanship that spans generations, our collection features an array of items that embody the heart and soul of Maine.

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Boulay Farm & Market North Berwick, ME

Shop Our Exclusive Maine Crafts Collection

From the durability of our sturdy Maine snow shovels, designed to withstand the harshest winters, to the comfort of locally crafted chicken coups, ensuring your feathered friends are sheltered in style, each piece in our collection is a testament to the skill and dedication of Maine’s local artists.

Why us?

Explore our farm and market, where the beauty of Maine’s landscape is reflected in the quality and authenticity of the products we offer.

At Boulay Farm & Market, every product is more than an item; it’s a narrative of tradition, quality, and local country pride.

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Boulay Farm & Market North Berwick, ME

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We invite you to experience the essence of Maine through our curated selection of country crafts. Bring a piece of Maine home with you and keep the spirit of local craftsmanship alive in your heart.

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